Tami & Justin | Heinz Chapel Weddings | University Club Weddings

Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0014Goodness what a sweet wedding day I get to share with you today! Meet Tami & Justin. Tami, the quiet, reserved, super chill gal (nothing could get this girl to frown). Justin, the super-smiley, sweet, throw-an-arm-around-ya kinda guy. Fit together like like 2 peas in a pod. :)

Tami never broke a sweat and Justin never quit smiling. It was a beautiful day. And wow was it a lot of fun watching Justin’s family interact with him. Justin has 2 brothers and the 3 of them together make one heck of a musical team (which we got to see at the reception…the crowd went WILD!) They are songwriters for a label out of Nashville and you may even recognize Justin’s younger cutie brother. He was a contestant on the Voice last year (and in my opinion should’ve went all the way. Adam Levine, you stink). Oh, and one more little musical tidbit about this family: do you know the song “I Loved Her First” that is played at EVERY wedding for EVERY father/daughter dance? That was written by Justin’s stepfather. Pretty neateriffic (I just made that word up. Hee hee)

What a day! Enjoy!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0001 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0004 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0012 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0013 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0002 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0005 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0014 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0009 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0015 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0003 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0006 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0007 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0008 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0016 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0018 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0019Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0020 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0017 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0010 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0011 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0021 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0022 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0023 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0024 Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers-0025Heniz Chapel Weddings-0001Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0001Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0002Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0003Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0004Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0005Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0006Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0007Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0008Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0009Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0010Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0011Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0012Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0013Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0014Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0015Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0016Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0017Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0018Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0019Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0020Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0021Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Weddings-0022Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0001Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0002Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0003Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0008Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0009Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0004Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0011Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0005Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0010Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0007Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0016Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0006Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0012Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0013Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0017Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0022Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0020Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0018Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0019Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0024Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0021Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0026Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0027Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0025Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0015Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0023Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0002Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0003Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0004Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0005Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0006Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0007Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0008Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0009Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0010Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0011Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0012Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0013Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0014Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0015Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0016Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0017Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0018Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0019Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0021Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0020Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0022Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0023Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0024Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0025Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0026Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0027Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0028Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0029Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0030Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0031Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0032Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0033Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0034Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0035Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0036Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0037Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0038Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0039Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0040Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0042Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0043Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0044Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0045Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0046Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0047Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0048Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0049Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0050Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0051Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0052Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0053Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0054Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0058Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0055Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0065Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0056Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0057Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0067Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0066Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0064Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0063Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0059Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0060Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0061Pittsburgh Oakland University Club Wedding Receptions-0062Sparkler Wedding Send Off Pittsburgh-0001Sparkler Wedding Send Off Pittsburgh-0002Sparkler Wedding Send Off Pittsburgh-0003

Featured | Wedding Paper Divas | Sarah & Ben | Shady Elms Farm

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.21.49 PMLOVE when we get featured!! LOVE IT! And I just so happen to love Wedding Paper Divas as well. If you’ve seen their work then you know why: so fun, romantic, playful and so very gorgeous!

We were thrilled to the moon and back when we WPD contacted us about Sarah & Ben’s wedding. I mean…can you blame them?? Sarah & Ben had such a beautiful wedding day packed full of incredible details…of course a few of those as a result of them working with WPD!

So if you get the chance, drop on by and see the feature. It’s lovely!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.22.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.22.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.37.15 PM

Jill Scott | Atlantic City | Yeah Baby (and a Photo Walk/DSLR Workshop reminder)

Jill Scott Atlantic City-0001I was star struck. I was probably never so excited about seeing someone live as I was with Jill Scott. Have you heard of her? If you haven’t you have to check her out because, simply put, she’s magnificent. She’s neo-soul meets beat poetry and then mixed with love, everyday life and then dipped in boom. She’s a beautiful and so crazy talented force.

John and I wanted to see her here in the ‘Burgh but when we learned we would be out of town during her concert here there was no question we would drive to Atlantic City to see her and the 12 hours of driving in 48 hrs was so worth it. It was our first time seeing Ms. Jill and we both agreed we would travel anywhere to see her again. Her presence, that band, her voice….that. music. The people around me had to have gotten so sick of me screaming my head off. I could’ve stayed there all night listening to her.

Jill Scott Atlantic City-0002 Jill Scott Atlantic City-0003And just for a bit more entertainment, give a watch of John’s ‘lil film we did on our travels to and fro. We had so much fun…ahem…maaaayyyybe a bit too much fun. Oy. ;-)

Aaaaaand for all you photog peeps out there. Don’t forget about the upcoming Photo Walk on 8/30.

Photo Walks: Free
-Bring a friend
-Make a friend
-Ask John anything; it will be a Q&A format. Pick one or two topics from the Q&A to focus on.
-We will meet at our studio on the North Side (see below)
-These will be outdoor walks at the park across the street, weather pending. Should it rain the walk will be changed to a sit in our studio.

Aaaaaaaand for all you photo peeps wanting a bit more of an in-depth session on how to use that fancy DSLR, don’t forget about our upcoming DSLR workshop, which is limited to 5 people.

Workshops: $100
-Learn what ISO, f-stop and shutter speed mean.
-You will learn how to create a photo in-camera in Manual.
-Understand exposure.
-Class is limited to 5 people

To RSVP to either please email us at elizabethcraig@me.com

Celebrating Your Bump | Maternity Boudoir Session | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0001

Ohhhhhh how love you pregnant mamas. I know you don’t feel as beautiful as you look but boy do I love reminding you just how gorgeous you are.

This is just a little sneak peek. Have a lot more for you on this. Special thanks to Lauren over on the North Side at The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers for the hair wreath. SO much more beautiful than I ever expected.

Featured | The Beauty Within Foundation | Women and Girls Foundation

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.03.53 AMHoly WOWZA!!!! What a treat I have to share with you today! We are so so so (repeat to infinity) over the moon to tell you that the foundation has been featured on the Women and Girls Foundation website!! WOO HOO!!!!!

About 2 weeks ago, a lovely young woman named Ashley came to the studio to interview me about The Beauty Within Foundation for a feature on their site. I can’t tell you how excited I was that her foundation was interested in our foundation! It was foundation kismet!

Not familiar with WFG? Well, it’s a pretty awesome foundation dedicated to kicking legislative butt in the name of Girl Power.

From the site:
“The Women and Girls Foundation promotes social change by addressing fundamental social inequalities and raising the awareness of these inequities to the media, voters, legislators and corporate and non-profit decision-makers.”

You can imagine my excitement when we found out that our ‘lil Beauty Within Foundation interested this group of smart, powerful and successful women.

So if you get the chance, please take some time to show two foundations out there in the world some love and attention.

Like what you see? Then also make sure to stop by the WGF’s and TBWF’s Facebook pages and give us both a “Like”!

Still inspired?? Then take a moment to nominate your superhero girl or woman to be a recipient of The Beauty Within Foundation. Celebrate that powerful girl or woman you see out there taking on the world and share her story with the rest of us!

Kate & Mike |New York City Engagement Session

New York City Engagement Session-0011Aaaaand a bit more straight out of NYC. John and I were so happy to travel to NY to spend some time with Kate & Mike. We rarely get the chance to travel for work (not as easy to do with a kiddo) so when we can, we do!

You’ll see we had such a magnificent day to photograph. The glow coming down those streets was just scrumdillyicious. What might not surprise you is that we already had Kate & Mike’s engagement session all planned out and ready to go in the ‘Burgh…and then Mother Nature decided otherwise with her buckets of rain. It’s been a wet summer so far this year but I won’t complain; we got to go to NY to photograph Kate & Mike so it all worked out lovely.New York City Engagement Session-0001 New York City Engagement Session-0003 New York City Engagement Session-0002 New York City Engagement Session-0010 New York City Engagement Session-0012New York City Engagement Session-0006 New York City Engagement Session-0009 New York City Engagement Session-0005 New York City Engagement Session-0007 New York City Engagement Session-0013

And just for kicks, here’s a short film John put together from our ‘lil getaway.

Cool as a Cucumber | Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0007That’s what you need to be when you come in to see me. Maybe that’s not how you feel when you come in, but rarely do I have a gal not slide right into POW mode once the session starts. The funny thing is, almost all of the women that I work with seriously question whether they have it inside of them to rock a session out like a pro. The reality is, they bring it. Every. Single. Time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bit of work to get there. I’ve never photographed a supermodel so I know full well we have to work as a team to get out of you what is necessary to get the photos you want. But once they get there, it’s all downhill.

And this was no different for S. Wowza this beautiful young woman was a pile of nerves when she walked into the studio (as was visible by the hives on her chest, neck and face ;-)) I knew she had it in her. I knew she could kick this out with sass she didn’t even know she had. Not so sure she was so confident in herself, but once S reached down deep and pulled out what was inside of her all along, once she trusted me enough to let her walls down and let her powerful bad-ass self shine through…well…you can see for yourself, as you saw a bit of before.

Never doubt yourself. You got this. ;-)

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0001 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0002 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0003 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0004 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0005 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0008 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0009 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0010 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0011

Sizzling makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.