The Art of Seduction

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-001Subtlety. Mysterious. Moving with intention, but never without delicacy or mental acuteness.

Sometimes these are the qualities I like to include in my photography. Just a hint of headiness that accompanies secrecy and curiosity.

Hopefully that’s what comes across in these photos. The sun was making itself quite known on this session day and when you have 3 giant windows that face the rising sun…well…you can either fight it or use it to your own benefit. I chose both.

Soooo much more to come on that…

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-004pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-003pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-002Makeover by At Home Beauty.

A Gift for Him. An Experience for You.


I came across your page while doing a google search for boudoir shoots in the Pittsburgh area and was looking at your portfolio and I think you would be a great fit to accomplish what I want the photos to achieve. I was wondering if you would be able to provide some information to me such as pricing, availability, and styling recommendations. 

I would like to gift my husband with a photo book from the shoot and want to keep it simplistic, classy and fun with a natural sex appeal. 

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! “

Keep scrolling….

pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-003pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-001pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-002pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-006pittsburgh-boudoir-photographer-elizabeth-craig-photography-004“Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for everything yesterday! I booked the session with intentions of a gift for my husband but I think I needed that more for myself than anything. Thank you for making me feel confident and glamorous. I can’t wait to see the pictures and the look on my husband’s face!

Forever grateful for helping my inner woman find her way back.”

Mission. Accomplished.

Makeover by At Home Beauty.

So In Love


“In all the world, there is no
heart for me like yours.
In all the world,
there is no love for you
like mine.”

–Maya Angelou

omni-william-penn-weddings-1omni-william-penn-weddings-2omni-william-penn-weddings-3omni-william-penn-weddings-4omni-william-penn-weddings-5omni-william-penn-weddings-6omni-william-penn-weddings-7omni-william-penn-weddings-8omni-william-penn-weddings-9omni-william-penn-weddings-10omni-william-penn-weddings-11omni-william-penn-weddings-12omni-william-penn-weddings-13omni-william-penn-weddings-14omni-william-penn-weddings-15omni-william-penn-weddings-16omni-william-penn-weddings-17omni-william-penn-weddings-18omni-william-penn-weddings-19omni-william-penn-weddings-20omni-william-penn-weddings-21omni-william-penn-weddings-22omni-william-penn-weddings-23omni-william-penn-weddings-24omni-william-penn-weddings-25omni-william-penn-weddings-26omni-william-penn-weddings-27omni-william-penn-weddings-28omni-william-penn-weddings-29omni-william-penn-weddings-30omni-william-penn-weddings-31omni-william-penn-weddings-32omni-william-penn-weddings-33omni-william-penn-weddings-34omni-william-penn-weddings-35omni-william-penn-weddings-36omni-william-penn-weddings-37omni-william-penn-weddings-38omni-william-penn-weddings-40omni-william-penn-weddings-41omni-william-penn-weddings-42omni-william-penn-weddings-43omni-william-penn-weddings-44omni-william-penn-weddings-45omni-william-penn-weddings-46omni-william-penn-weddings-47omni-william-penn-weddings-48omni-william-penn-weddings-49omni-william-penn-weddings-50omni-william-penn-weddings-51omni-william-penn-weddings-52omni-william-penn-weddings-53omni-william-penn-weddings-54omni-william-penn-weddings-55omni-william-penn-weddings-56omni-william-penn-weddings-57omni-william-penn-weddings-58omni-william-penn-weddings-59omni-william-penn-weddings-60omni-william-penn-weddings-62omni-william-penn-weddings-63omni-william-penn-weddings-66omni-william-penn-weddings-67omni-william-penn-weddings-68omni-william-penn-weddings-69omni-william-penn-weddings-70omni-william-penn-weddings-71omni-william-penn-weddings-72omni-william-penn-weddings-73omni-william-penn-weddings-74omni-william-penn-weddings-75omni-william-penn-weddings-76Wedding Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue: Omni William Penn
Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Wick
Florist: Allison McGeary
Cake and Sweets: Bella Christies
Hair Styling: Craig Allen Salon
Makeup Styling: Susie Popovich
Videographer: Steel Rock Films
Band: Free Spirit
Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara
Bridesmaids Gowns: Alfred Sung

Women Entrepreneurs | Team Beachbody

team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-7What a finale to such a great week I have for you today! To recap, you’ve gotten to know an incredible painter and bird whisperer, a spa owner with hands like buttah, a real estate agent and home and hearth whiz, 2 chefs that I believe inspire the actual writing of songs with their food and today I give you….drum roll please…three women that have built health & fitness empires through their Team Beach Body businesses.

Each of them has been quite successful in their businesses and when I got a message from Katy asking if I’d like to come to Florida to photograph a bunch of women in a mansion on the beach….uh…well…you know. Katy, Melanie & Val coordinated a big retreat for their top coaches and John and I were more than delighted to meet them there for a few days and have some fun.

You may remember our sneak peek a while ago (which I completely forgot to follow up on). So help me congratulate each of these women on their hard work in the businesses, on their bodies and for some serious butt kicking in the world of women entrepreneurs.

Make sure to watch the fun little films below John put together! One is for them (because, yes, we do films for businesses) and the other is just a fun one of us documenting our mini-vacay. team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-24team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-2team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-1team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-22team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-4team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-3team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-23team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-6team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-5team-beach-body-head-shots-portraits-20

Women Entrepreneurs | Sugar & Christina

pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-9Meet Sugar & Christina. This dynamic duo teamed up to get a very yummy business off the ground. Both ladies come from backgrounds in the food industry and decided to work together to open a high-end, high-quality meal delivery service. Why no link for you to cruise on over to their site? Well, they’re still working on that, which is why they came to me for the photos you see here!

Sugar explained to me that their business will serve anyone looking for delicious, organic, locally sourced meals that can either be picked up or delivered. So for all you busy folks out there that just can’t find the time to make healthy, yummy food a priority…welcome to a new and convenient way to get your grub on.

So take in this little sneak peek which I promise to update as soon as these 2 brilliant ladies get their biz up and running. And yes…I had to sneak in one photo of Christina with her adorable puppy dog. Couldn’t resist!pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-12pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-2pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-8pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-15pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-10pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-4pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-1pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-7pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-14pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-11pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-3pittsburgh-organic-locally-sourced-meal-delivery-service-13Makeovers by Hannah Conard Beauty.

Women Entrepreneurs | Raemie Bachman

raemieWelcome to Day 3 of giving love, praise and huge cyber hugs to just a few of Pittsburgh’s kickass Boss Ladies.

Meet Raemie. This gal is Mother Earth incarnate and I know this personally because any questions I have ever had about my home (including decor, management of, cleanliness of and even just a sense of comfort and warmth), selling and buying real estate, cooking anything, growing anything….or pretty much anything else to do with everyday life has been answered by this woman.

Not only is she simply magical in the kitchen, but she also happens to be a full time mom-preneur as a real estate agent. It always mystifies me how knowledgeable Raemie is about housing…it’s just insane. More than once John and I have considered selling our home and buying something else, or just investing in real estate and though we have never had the guts to make the plunge, I would have never even considered it without insisting that Raemie spearhead the entire process. I learned so much from her it made my head spin. Her patience, knowledge, instincts and even her level of protection in steering her clients in their most beneficial direction is mind blowing. She’s like having my very own mama bear in everything home, earth and more.

So when Raemie the Awesome asked me about photographing head shots for her business I immediately told her 2 things: 1. Uh…yes! And 2: Don’t even think about asking me to photograph those boring, cheesy, arms-crossed-over-your-chest photos. Not surprisingly, she agreed and gave me full creative control over her photography. Knowing what I know about Raemie, I instantly saw an Oprah magazine cover. So, I got to work mood-boarding and visually inspiring Raemie with my ideas. I wanted a set that looked like she was in a cottage on the beach. I wanted it to look warm, inviting, casual and of course, welcoming. After explaining and showing Raemie what I had in mind, she set off to collect and purchase items consistent with those ideas…oh yeah…and flowers. There had to be tons of flowers and Raemie is a whiz at floral arrangements (and I am not…at all) so it all came together so beautifully. Raemie is also trained in staging homes, as well as personal shopping professionally for clients to assist with home decor, so making our ideas come to life was easy and holy crap so much fun.

So if you’re ever in need of a super duper over the top brilliant real estate agent, or funny enough if you love cooking classes (picking back up this spring), keep Raemie in mind. Hands down you will not find a more honest, smart and on-the-know real estate agent around.pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-raemie-bachman-elizabeth-craig-photography-1pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-raemie-bachman-elizabeth-craig-photography-2pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-raemie-bachman-elizabeth-craig-photography-3

Women Entrepreneurs | Christina Skinner

pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-8And on this Tuesday morning, the 2nd awesome woman entrepreneur I’d like to introduce you to is Ms. Christina Skinner, owner and operator of Eclectic Remedies. This yummy little spa is Christina’s baby right now and as you can see from the photos, it’s a warm, inviting and homey space that will provide you with a bucket of serenity now.

Christina offers custom facials, massages, professional makeup services and is partnered with Wellness Pittsburgh that offers chiropractic services and is in the same building as Christina’s spa. Eclectic Remedies also offers spa packages as well as Girl’s Night Out packages.

Just a side note….I’ve had Christina’s skilled hands all over my back and I’m here to say, I’m a better woman for it. 😉

So if you’re in the mood for some pampering and love, schedule an appointment with Christina.pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-5pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-6pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-1pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-4pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-2pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-3pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-7PS—may remember Christina from this shoot that Lee Ann from At Home Beauty collaborated on. pittsburgh-women-entrepreneurs-christina-skinner-eclectic-remedies-elizabeth-craig-photography-15