John Craig Media. We Have Lift Off.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.02.29 AMThat’s right!! I’m so excited to share that my uber-super-duper-talented husband has finally dived back into the creative spaces in that mad-crazy brain of his and has unleashed said creativity back into the world.

Have you missed him?? Yes? Then you’re in luck. He’s back and better than ever. What I love about John’s new site is that it’s broken up into writing, filming and, of course, photography. So if you have a moment and want to the delve into the mind of an interesting (mad) man, go on over and take a peek at his new site!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.53.39 AM

Adorbs photo of my adorbs husband by the adorbs David Burke Photographer.

The Beauty of….Jewelry

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.36.56 AM
Who would’ve guessed I’d be photographing jewelry?? Well, I am. Am I jewelry photographer? Oh my gosh, no. Had I been hired to photograph only the jewelry pieces, well…I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

I was actually hired by some really cool women out of D.C. to photograph them wearing their own jewelry lines. What was so appealing to me was that they could’ve hired teeny weeny 20-something size 0’s to show off their lovely goods, but they didn’t. They wanted to wear their own lines because they are everyday women, and it is everyday women that will be buying their jewelry. BRILLIANT!

Of course I instantly fell in love with this concept and I’ve been having a ball with it! This is just one of the campaigns that I worked on and I thought it was lovely and wanted to share it with you!

If you like any of the jewelry shown, feel free to hop on over to 7 Charming Sisters and buy it all up.😉

Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-008Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-006Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-007Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-002Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-005Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Jewelry Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-004

Hair & makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

When a Conversation Becomes This

Baroque Beauty Photo Session | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001And that’s how it all began. A chat with Lee Ann, owner of At Home Beauty, one day. She was styling Christina for me (that gorgeous gal you see in these photos) and I mentioned how I love the Baroque era. Turns out Lee Ann does too, and at the exact same time we looked at each other and said “We should do a shoot!”

A whole lot of planning, a little shopping, a ton of brainstorming, the addition of Carmel, owner of Mt. Lebanon Floral, and a month later…there we were, at the Mansions on Fifth (one of my most fave places to shoot) photographing one of the most beautiful shoots I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

I swore I wasn’t going to do a sneak peek. I swore I was going to save this for a bit…but I just can’t help it. I had to unleash just a taste.

That magnificent white wig was styled by Lee Ann, along with that little gray number as well. The floral wig and bouquet was designed and styled by Carmel. Talk about setting myself up for success with these talented ladies!

Yes, so much more to come.😉

Baroque Beauty Photo Session | Elizabeth Craig Photography-002Baroque Beauty Photo Session | Elizabeth Craig Photography-003

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What Does it Mean to be Beautiful?

Elizabeth Craig Photography Lifestyle Beauty Photographer-003It’s such a subjective question, but a powerful one. Here’s what I love about asking this question: I have never ever had anyone define “beauty” as being a concept based solely on looks.

Here is a definition I can get on board with that I just found by Beth Ditto:

“I truly believe that beauty isn’t just about being beautiful. It’s about being interesting.”

That’s. Just. Yummy. And I’m all covered in the fuzzy warmsies with the awesomeness of how true that statement really is. I would take an interesting conversation over a jaw-dropping stare-fest any day of the week.

And I’m doing the Snoopy dance here. Wanna know why? Because we are all interesting, ergo, we are all beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some prey-ty snoozy convo’s with some folks I found not-so-interesting…but it makes no matter because I am smartypants enough to know that even though I may not find your every word a cliffhanger, someone out there does.

And that’s just beautiful.

Elizabeth Craig Photography Lifestyle Beauty Photographer-004Elizabeth Craig Photography Lifestyle Beauty Photographer-001Elizabeth Craig Photography Lifestyle Beauty Photographer-001-2

(Lovely makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty)

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untitled-321What can I say about Paris? Lovely. Romantic. Slow-paced. Wine. Food. Architecture. Perfection. I mean, how can you go to Paris and not have the time of your life??

The streets, the boulangeries, the patisseries, the wine shops, the cafes….goodness. Walk into each one, pick something. Repeat. That was basically our trip.

Oh yeah…and a load of photography as well.😉

John focused on street photography, which is one of his many strengths. I focused on photography at the workshop I was attending. We both focused on drinking a crap ton of wine, walking to anything and everything our feet would take us, and eating food till we felt like we were going to burst. It was magical.

Anywho, as I mentioned in my Friday post, part of the time I was in Paris I attended a workshop by Emily Soto. I really love Emily’s work. It’s soft and romantic, which are words I would use to describe my own photography. But Emily’s work is fashion photography and mine is beauty photography…so though the words are the same, the genre totally different. So, I took that difference and turned it into an opportunity to hopefully up my game.😉

So here are a bunch of photos from our time in Paris. The workshop stuff is mine. The street photography is John’s. I’d say we have well-balanced story to share with you. For more on our time in Paris, follow me on Instagram and check out my posts there. I updated  about 10 times a day so there’s lots to see.

Special thanks to Emily Soto for the workshop, Gogo Toure (@gogotoure) for the fab wardrobe styling, Caroline Madison (@misscarolinenmadison) for the scrumptious makeup and Nick Clark (@nickhairdressing) for the mouthwatering hair styling. Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-004Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-003Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-002Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-007Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-008Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-010Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-009Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-011Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-014Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-013Pittsburgh Fashion Photographer | Elizabeth Craig Photography-012untitled-17untitled-33untitled-18untitled-154untitled-174untitled-71untitled-265

Sneeeeeeaaaak Peeeeeeeek!!!!

Remember how I said I was going to Paris?? Remember how I said while there I was going to attend a workshop that I was so excited about?? Well, here is juuuuuust a weensy teensy itty  bitty sneakity peekity for you.

I’m going to be doing a much larger blog post on our entire Paris experience on Monday. But these beauties were just hopping out of my computer to be let loose into the world.

Special thanks to Emily Soto for the workshop, Gogo Toure (@gogotoure) for the fab wardrobe styling, Caroline Madison (@misscarolinenmadison) for the scrumptious makeup and Nick Clark (@nickhairdressing) for the mouthwatering hair styling. Emily Soto Workshops | Elizabeth Craig Photography-005Emily Soto Workshops | Elizabeth Craig Photography-004Emily Soto Workshops | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Emily Soto Workshops | Elizabeth Craig Photography-003

Stay tuned!!

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