Presenting: The Beauty Within Foundation

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I. Am. So. Excited!!! I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to officially present The Beauty Within Foundation!

We’ve all worked double time to get this foundation up and running and I’d like to give very special thank you’s to Cait, Kimmie, Hannah, Sonce and Justine for helping me make this happen. Kisses!

Ok everyone…here is the part where I beg each and every one of you reading this right now to share the site on every social media platform that you participate in. Pretty please with hugs and kisses on top!

And yes, I’m going to ask you to donate as well. As of right now we are still waiting on our super special official paperwork deeming us a proper foundation, so although we cannot take any donations for the Foundation at this time, we are still taking donations for our Kick-Off event, coming up this September (yes…I originally said June 11…but good golly Miss Molly what was I thinking??) We need your help folks! This is the event that everyone in the world is invited to, yep even you, so that we can share our message, answer questions, receive donations specifically for the Foundation and spread the word about this fabulous Foundation. You will be able to meet the recipients while sipping big kid drinks, nibbling on mouth-watering treats and hobnobbing with some of Pittsburgh’s coolest peeps! And listen up: even if it’s only $5, you are helping tremendously. There is no amount too small (or too big…of course). So please consider helping us make a big fat splash with our kick-off!

Finally, a very special thank you to Monica, Katy and Natalie. I thank each of you darling ladies for opening up your hearts, your souls and your wounds to share your stories, not only with me, but with the world. Thank you for being so very brave.  You are all my heroes.

Do you know a superhero you’d like to nominate? Feel free to contact me with any questions, use the stories for any of your educational purposes, or donate to our kick-off event now!

Married | Nina & Abin

Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0010Get ready, get set and GO! You saw a wee sneak peek but I’m bringing you the full monty today folks! You’re gonna love it! So this was the very first wedding we photographed after a 5 month self-imposed break. We loved our break but we really really loved coming back and I could not have chosen a better wedding to kick off this season!

You may remember Nina & Abin from their sweet little engagement session we photographed last year. We looooved spending time with these 2. Their quiet presence made for a super relaxed and fun evening….and they were easy to make smile…which the camera just so happens to love. ;-) So when their wedding day came we were ready to capture all those smiles all over again.

Here’s what I loved about this wedding day: sari’s on the bridesmaids for the ceremony, but a traditional (gorgeous!!!!!) wedding gown on the Nina. A (gorgeous!!!) beautiful gold sari on Nina for the reception. Seeing all the beautiful colors throughout the day! That’s what I love about sari’s….they’re so intricate and so bright! The reception room at Phipps was to die for. Shari at Perfectly Planned by Shari did a bang up job of creating such a beautiful, rich and textured look for the ceremony room. Really beautiful. And lastly, seeing Abin never leave Nina’s side. :)

So sit back and enjoy! Lots to see here!Indian Catholic Weddings-0003 Indian Catholic Weddings-0002 Indian Catholic Weddings-0001 Indian Catholic Weddings-0008 Indian Catholic Weddings-0007 Indian Catholic Weddings-0006 Indian Catholic Weddings-0005 Indian Catholic Weddings-0004 Indian Catholic Weddings-0009 Indian Catholic Weddings-0010 Indian Catholic Weddings-0011 Indian Catholic Weddings-0012 Indian Catholic Weddings-0013 Indian Catholic Weddings-0014 Indian Catholic Weddings-0015 Indian Catholic Weddings-0016 Indian Catholic Weddings-0017 Indian Catholic Weddings-0018 Indian Catholic Weddings-0019 Indian Catholic Weddings-0020 Indian Catholic Weddings-0021 Indian Catholic Weddings-0022 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0001 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0003 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0002 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0004 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0005 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0006 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0007 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0008 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0009 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0010 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0011 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0012 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0013 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0014 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0015 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0016 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0017 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0018 St. Maria Goretti Indian Catholic Ceremonies Pittsburgh-0019Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0006Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0009Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0004Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0003Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0008Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0011Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0005Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0002 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0021 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0020 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0016 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0019 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0015 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0017 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0013 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0018 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0012 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0014 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-5 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-6 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0022 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0024 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0025 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0026 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0027 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0028 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0029 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0030 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0031 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0032 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0034 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0035 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0038 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0033 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0036 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0037 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0039 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0041 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0042 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0044 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0045 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0040 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0046 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0047 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0048 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0049 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0050 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0051 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0052 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0053 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0054 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0055 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0056 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0057 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0059 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0061 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0058 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0062 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0060 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0063 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0064 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0065 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0066 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0067 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0068 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0069 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0071 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0070 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0072 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0076 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0074 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0075 Phipps Conservatory Wedding Receptions-0043

Wedding Planner: Perfectly Planned by Shari
Hair & Makeup Styling: Beauty Justified
Videography: Post Script Productions
Linens: Party Mosaic
Rentals: All Occasions
Florist: Allison McGeary Florist
Catering: Taj Mahal
DJ: Kelli Burns Entertainment
Stationary: Nota Bene
Reception lighting: Luxe Lighting

Amanda & Matt | St. Stanislaus | Grand Concourse Weddings

Ohhhhhh sneak peek day!!! Sneak peek day!! YAYYY!!!! I LOVE sneak peek days!!! Is that the most adorable flower girl ever putting on the brides shoes? Yes! Are those flower petals falling from the ceiling at the end of the ceremony? Yes! Isn’t this one of the best looking couples you’ve ever seen? Why…YES!

Elizabeth Craig Photography Pittsburgh Weddings-0001 St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Pittsburgh-0002 St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Pittsburgh-0001 Grand Concourse Weddings Pittsburgh-0002 Grand Concourse Weddings Pittsburgh-0001Can’t wait to show you more!

Nina & Abin | St. Maria Goretti & Phipps | Sneak Peek!

Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-1Sneak peek!! Sneak peek alert!! We have our very first wedding sneak peek of the season and it’s a doozy!! :)

Two gowns, sari’s and tuxes, candles and flowers, a sweetheart table to die for and dancing like you’ve never seen….GAH! More gorgeousness than should be allowed at a wedding!

Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-5 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-3 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-4 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-6 Phipps Conservatory Weddings and Receptions-2

Full post coming soon!

To Celebrate Her

Pittsburg Before & After Beauty Photography Elizabeth Craig-0004That’s the answer to the question, “Why did she come in to see you?” She’s turning 40. She’s dealing with a new chapter that will be a difficult journey, for sure. She’s redefining herself and finding out that she’s stronger than she ever thought possible.

We laughed our butts off and joked about fried pickles. We talked about her journey and the future that holds an endless amount of questions and a bountiful of unknowns. Mostly, we were just girls hanging out talking about life, love, kids and just being…women.

It was a wonderful wonderful wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Can’t wait to spend more time with Sara. She’s just that kinda gal you want to hang out with. ;-)

Pittsburg Before & After Beauty Photography Elizabeth Craig-0003Pittsburg Before & After Beauty Photography Elizabeth Craig-0001 Pittsburg Before & After Beauty Photography Elizabeth Craig-0002Beautiful makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.