Girl Next Door

Beauty Photography Before & After-0001That’s what S reminds me of in this set of photos. Isn’t she adorable?? Look closer though…you’ll see a beautifully confident and strong woman in there too. One minute she was giggling and the next she was knocking my socks off with that sexy stare.

Beauty Boudoir Photography-0002Beauty Boudoir Photography-0005Every turn we took, S was letting her inner glamazon come alive. As soon as she walked in the studio there was a buzz about her. She was excited, nervous and instantly settled in for what she knew was going to be a fun ride. I could have kept her there all day; her excitement was so contagious. She was up for anything, loved everything and let Hannah and me just take over and I love that…because when you let the pros do their thing, not only do you have your best chance at getting gorgeous photos, but a weight is lifted from you, allowing you to just be clay in our hands. You let someone else have control, allowing you to relax and let your walls down…and THIS is what makes great photos. So thank you S…you were a BLAST to photograph. ;-)

I have a bit more to come with this one so stay tuned.

Beauty Boudoir Photography-0004 Beauty Boudoir Photography-0003 Beauty Boudoir Photography-0001Gorgeous makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

Seeking Women that Seriously Kick Ass

BWILOGOYou probably don’t remember this, but some years ago I tried to build a project called The Beauty Within. I wanted women to come to me with their incredible stories of survival and triumph. The response was giant and unfortunately it was way too big for one ‘lil photographer to handle. So on the back burner it went.

Then I met Cait. Cait came in for a session about 2 years ago and it was kismet. We were friends instantly. Thankfully she had such a wonderful session she kept in touch and would, from time to time, talk with me about doing something for women from a more charitable angle. I talked with her about my failed Beauty Within project and then talked with her about how busy I was with 2 businesses, a child, husband, house….oy vey. Even more thankfully, Cait was quite persistent. She would send me links to similar projects other photographers were working on, always softly encouraging me to get back in that game.

Well, I am thrilled to say Cait’s persistence paid off. I finally got to a year where I decided to take much less work so I could focus on a slower life. This allowed space for a new project (because if you know me at all, “slow” simply does not compute). So now Cait, Justine, Hannah, a lovely and super duper smart woman named Kimmie and myself have joined super powers to finally breathe life back into The Beauty Within.

This time it will be done right! With the brains and perseverance of this powerful team of women, we are actually turning The Beauty Within project into a real live actual 501c non-profit foundation. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

There is so much to tell you on who, what, where and how but for now I’m simply reaching out and asking for your help in getting this wonderful foundation off the ground. What am I asking of you? I need you to tell me about any woman you know that has an amazing story about finding her beauty within. Someone that is such a force, either in her survival, achievements, victories and/or community that you believe she should be recognized through our foundation. I will be having a kick-off event in June (more on that later) and you’re all invited! But in order to have the kick-off event I need some brave and incredible women to help me through their stories.

So how do you do this and what do these women get? Email us at and tell us about a special woman that you think would be an inspiration to other women by sharing her story. We are only looking for about 5 women right now. Each woman will be able to tell their story and get a glamorous makeover by either Justine or Hannah and a photo shoot with me. Each woman will go home with a small album of a selection of their photos and all edited, high-resolution digital files with printing rights. Each woman will also be featured on our website (coming soon) so that others can be inspired by their stories of triumph.

Special thanks to the BW team, and especially Cait. Without your persistence and chutzpah this wouldn’t be happening. ;-)

So…ladies…get to work. Let’s celebrate some of those kick-ass women out there!

Just Can’t Help Myself

Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0001I can’t! I had a line up of a few things I could blog today but I just couldn’t resist another post showing off L. I almost never do 2 posts in a row on the same client but again…see title of this post. ;-)

Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0002

What I looooove about these photos is that you get to see different aspects of L’s personality. In all 3 photos she’s showing something completely different: soft and feminine, direct and seductive, powerful and fierce. And this is the goal! My true goal with each woman is to show off as many parts of her personality as I can, because all women are complex, are we not?? We are chameleons of strength, power, softness and vulnerability. It may be difficult to identify with one or more of these sides of our dimensional self, but all dimensions are there…waiting to be set free. And I get to capture that. Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0003

Lovely lovely makeover by Ms. Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

My Magicians | Before & After Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Before & After-1Gosh I love before & afters. I never ever get tired of watching a woman see herself all glammed up after walking in sporting sweat pants and no makeup. It makes my day. And as much as I’d love to take credit for all that beauty, truth be told it’s my stylists that are the magicians. They see a blank canvas and just go to work…what’s left is a gorgeous version of a gorgeous woman. This beautiful before & after was done by Hannah. She did an amazing job. What I love about my stylists is that I just let them do their thing. No need for my input…I know nothing about hair and makeup.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-2 Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-1 Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-4I may take not-so-bad photos, but when you see these before & afters, it’s the stylists you should give your kudos to.

Kudos to you, Hannah!

Why Your Home Just Might Be the Best Place for Your Boudoir Photography Session

Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0017Yes, I touched on this a bit last week but we’re going in. So….I get this lovely inquiry from A. She wants to know if I do on-location boudoir photography because she lives in a seriously old farm home that she and her husband are restoring and the kitchen is amazing. It also happens to be the only room in the house that is finished, but it’s amazing (and yes…it really is amazing).

I show up and immediately fall in love with this house. Not surprisingly, the room I am least excited to photograph in was the finished kitchen. Now, don’t misunderstand me, this kitchen is gorgeous. I mean, the details are incredible…but I’m a girl that loves getting her hands dirty so when I asked A if she could show me the rest of house, after a moment of “What in the world do you want to do that for??”, off we went to tour A’s home. It was incredible. Beat up walls here, little hidey holes there…all I did was follow the light; A’s home provided the lovely backdrop.

Not surprisingly, some of A’s favorite photos were from rooms outside of the kitchen! Wow did we have so much fun going from room to room and coming up with ideas on how to best express each room with each outfit. Creatively, for me, it was a deep, long exhale. I just loved it.

So here is the lesson: never underestimate how perfect your home just might be for a session. Everyone thinks they have to have a glamorous estate for good photography but truthfully, all you need is good light. And that’s not to be confused with a lot of light. One of my absolute favorite sets had us in a tiny hidey hole with my ISO up on 20,000. It was perfect.

A thought her entire session was going to be in one, finished room. Wow was she wrong. ;-)

Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0015 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0012 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0007 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0008 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0002 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0022 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0005 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0019 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0013 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0001 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0009 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0020 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0011Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0006 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0018 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0003 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0021 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0014 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0016 Boudoir Photography In Your Home-0004

Gorgeous makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

Finding Your Sexy Again

Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0019Ahhhhh…..I was just looking through the blog today to see how things are going and I realized I never followed up with Ms. K! Boy have you been missing out. You’ve seen a little sneak peek but I wanted to finally give you the full sha-bang.

Ms. K came to see me because, as she put it in the little film I posted a little while ago, she wanted to find that gal inside that’s been snoozing for a bit. She said she hadn’t felt sexy for a long time and wondered if she still got it. Ohhh my I love when women challenge me like that! Do you still got it? Do you still got it?? We ALL got it, dahlings….we all still got it. But I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel and how it just makes my year that when women want a boost, they come to me. Me. That’s so humbling. It makes me realize I’m likely in the right career path. ;-)

Here is a bit of an excerpt from K’s original email inquiry to me:

“I know you are already booked solid for Valentine’s Day, but I am still interested in gathering more information for down the road when you have an opening. Work basically owns my life and I basically never get an opportunity to let loose. I am a fun-loving, girly-girl, but at work I have to be all-business-all-of-the-time. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just celebrate being me. All of the photos on your website have something in common, other than all of them being absolutely amazing, no one looks like they’re forcing anything–they’re just absolutely beautiful and free…I want to feel that way and at least be able to have a photograph to remember it by when I’m drowning in work — haha….”

Girl, you came to the right place. ;-)

Ms. K and I hit it off right from the word go. She was like a kid in a candy store every time Justine showed her a new look…I haven’t seen anyone that excited in a while! Again–check out the film and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I know for both Justine and me, it doesn’t get any better than making a women feel special, beautiful and sexy in the studio. Seeing the look on K’s face throughout the session was proof enough of that. And as if that wasn’t enough, I received this right after our session:

“I just want to thank you again for everything yesterday! I had such an AMAZING time that I really don’t know how to put into words. You and Justine are such an awesome team–you both are incredibly fun, wonderful women with extraordinary gifts! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and giving me the ability to tap into parts of myself that I haven’t seen in a long time. I am so excited for the reveal! :)

Thank you again!!”

Thank you K! Can’t wait to go get that drink this month with you! You are AWESOME!

Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0004 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0008 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0012 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0023 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0017 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0005 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0015 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0027 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0003 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0022 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0025 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0010 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0007 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0011 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0013 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0006 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0014 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0028 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0001 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0009 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0016 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0020 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0024 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0002 Fashion Boudoir Pittsburgh-0026All of these incredible makeovers by Ms. Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.