Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0001PHEW! Grab your fan, get a nice cold drink and sit right in from of your a/c vent…this is a hot one! This ‘lil sneak peek will get the blood pressure going for your commute to work. ;-)

She blew me away! She was so timid and so nervous before she even walked into my studio….but then I just let Justine loose on her and she brings down the calm, the peace…the cathartic exhale…and then I’m left with a beautiful, cool, serene and ready-to-hit-the-ground running version of this gorgeous woman. Which is why we make such a good team. ;-)

Fire engine number nine, coming down the Elizabeth Craig Photography line!! Weeeeew! Weeeew! Weeeew! Couldn’t resist that one….

Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0003Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0002Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0004Smokin’ hot makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

Photo Walk | Art’s Only Purpose Is…

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.43.14 AM

Hey gang…I get a lot of questions about how I do what I do. Want in on the secret?? John. John Craig. That’s how I do what I do. He taught me it all. Wanna learn what I know? Would you believe me if I told you can learn for free from Mr. John Craig?? Yep. I said it. See below.

FREE Photo Walk
When: Sunday, July 12, 2015
Where: Our studio on the North Side at 502. W. North Ave. Pgh 15212
Time: 10am
What to bring: Your fancy shmancy DSLR with a fully charged battery. A notebook with a pen and all your questions.

Bring a friend or make a friend!

Please RSVP so we can keep up with the count.

For additional workshop and photo walk dates go here.

And here’s a fun film by John to keep you entertained!

Healing Your Outside from Within | The Beauty Within Foundation

Healing Self Harm From Within-0003
Sometimes in this lifetime you come across a person that is so fascinating, whose story is so intimate, so touching and so incredibly complex it just sears itself right into your soul. This is the story of Lisa.

For now, this story is a “Coming Soon” for The Beauty Within Foundation because there is so much to tell you. There is so much pain, so much horror….yet so much beauty, so much healing and so much hope that resides deep inside of it that to put it all into one post and let it loose would be to dishonor her story.

Lisa is brave. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and not just because she survived some of the most horrible acts I have only ever read about that people can do to each other…but because her capacity for forgiveness, for healing and hope is so vast you wonder where it comes from. And lastly because Lisa made the decision to share her deeply personal 35 year journey in this life with the world in hopes of not only shedding light on self harm, but also to send a message to others that may be going through what Lisa, still to this day, struggles with that there is hope. There is peace. Life is worth living.

Healing Self Harm From Within-0004

From Lisa after her session:

“There are so many things I want to say and will later when I have time, but quickly I wanted to tell you that one question you asked really sat with me regarding what I hoped my blog and getting my story out would do for me and others…

My hope is that it helps and shows me and others not only how to survive, but also to live…to truly live life with confidence, happiness and grace.

I cannot begin to say thank you enough for what you, your husband and Justine have done for me. So thank you.

I want you to know that my life is better having you in it too. I have said to my therapist a thousand times that I just needed something or someone to help me want to stay…to give me hope again…hope for the world, but most importantly for myself and you have done that. So thank you!”

Healing Self Harm From Within-0001With Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

A Journey of Healing

Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0002Sometimes a shoot comes along that really touches me. I have said before how humbling it so to me when women believe that what I do can help them along in their own personal journeys. It really amazes me that some women can put such trust in me. I have heard a lot of stories, shed tears alongside and been privy to epiphanies belonging to my clients. It’s always an honor and privilege to share these moments with the women I meet.

And this session just so happened to be one of those sessions. It was powerful, revealing, intimate and so very special. We talked, we laughed, we sincerely connected and took the day and made art. It was a truly beautiful day. It was a session that will stay with me forever.

And here is the response from this beautiful, incredible woman after her session with me:

“Hi Elizabeth,

It was a great pleasure meeting you too. You have a phenomenal personality and you are beyond awesome. I trusted you immediately. I appreciate your work and your philosophy behind what you do.

Maybe I’m not the best person in expressing what I think, but what I am trying to say here is that you are an artist and a wonderful woman.

Truly….I enjoyed every minute. Thank you for listening to my story and thank you for taking a part in my healing journey. The minute I stepped out of your studio, I felt confident already. I am so grateful.”

Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0001 Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0003

I am so grateful.

Lovely makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

Finding Your Inner Beauty…via WikiHow

I knew I wanted to blog about The Beauty Within Foundation today but I wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to take with it. As I sat perplexed and staring at the glow of my computer I decided to type in “finding your inner beauty”. Lots of stuff came up but what was funny, cute and silly was a 10 step list on how to find your inner beauty (with pictures…it said in bold print…I really liked that part) in wikiHow.

At first I was thinking, “Man…they’ll just put anything on the internet” and then I started reading through and ya know what? They will put anything on the internet!

I know a lot of you are thinking “What in the world is Elizabeth doing?? What is up with this blog post??” Yes, I agree, this is not my normal detour into my “accept your strong, independent, beautiful, smart, bad-ass, rockin’ self” motto…but it was just so funny I had to share it with you.

OK. So let’s break this down.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.29.52 AM Yes. OK. This is a good one. I can get on board with this.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.30.02 AM

Yes. Definitely agree with this.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.30.09 AM Um. I’m not sure what was meant by this little tidbit but I’m totes down with the eating healthy bit.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.03 AM Loving the “never give up” motto here…not so on board with the dieting thing. Dieting sucks, it never works, I believe it was developed as a conspiracy to make us all buy shit to magic-fairy our way into thin. Just. Say. No. A healthy diet? Yes. Dieting? Absotootley not.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.11 AM OK–I do tell myself daily that I’m going to take up yoga so there must be something to it. It would just be so awesome if saying I’m going to do it held as many benefits as actually doing it.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.22 AM OK–aside from the now annoying practice of not inserting a space after a comma, and misspelling lifestyle, this is an overly simplified concept, yet simply true. I can dig it.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.27 AM OK–so this one is a 2-part concept on my part. First, definitely take pride in yourself and yes, I agree that no one is perfect…however…if you want to shape your image to what you see in the magazines just give up now. Throw in the towel and spend the money you would’ve spent on that neon pink top on a really good therapist. Because here’s a tip: what you see in magazines is a complete falsehood to real life. It’s fantasy, all photos are created in a hyper-controlled environment by incredibly talented teams of people that took months to develop that very “off the cuff” photo you’re staring at. The models are professionally airbrushed, retouched and morphed into what society views as beautiful. It’s a total complete lie and it still baffles my mind when I run into women that still don’t know this. It’s a well-constructed plan to make you buy shit you don’t need. Word.Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.33 AM Brush my hair 2x a day as a means of making time for myself. Wha??Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.41 AM Ahhh….ok–I get it now. This has been one big advertisement for Starbucks and Panera. I knew there was a conspiracy here somewhere. Finding your inner beauty is never this easy!!Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.35.51 AM

I honestly don’t know what to say to this. I have no words.

OK! So the moral of the story is, and this is just my humble opinion….don’t go to wikiHow to learn how to find your inner beauty. However, be good to yourself. A good rule of thumb to follow is, would you ever in a million years let someone treat you, or someone you love, the way you treat yourself?? If your answer is yes, you’re on the right path. If you’re answer is no, start with #1 above and laugh your way down to 10….and then make a serious pact with your bestie (i.e. you) that you’re going to try and be a better friend to yourself. It might take more than 10 steps, but it’s a good start.

PS–if you know anyone that has mastered the art of loving thyself, or who has become a serious influence on others as a force of love, make sure to give them a shout out by nominating them for The Beauty Within Foundation. I promise it doesn’t hurt, it’s not time consuming and you get the added benefit of feeling good about yourself for a good deed well done. ;-)

Photo Walks & Workshops

FullSizeRenderSo, John is pulling a Billy Joel (yes…we just dated ourselves with that one). He will be doing one Photo Walk a month (for free!!!) and one small group workshop per month ($100) for the next year…or until no one shows up (that’s the Billy Joel part ;-))

Photo Walks: Free
-Bring a friend
-Make a friend
-Ask John anything; it will be a Q&A format. Pick one or two topics from the Q&A to focus on.
-We will meet at our studio on the North Side (see below)
-These will be outdoor walks at the park across the street, weather pending. Should it rain the walk will be changed to a sit in our studio.

Workshops: $100
-Learn what ISO, f-stop and shutter speed mean.
-You will learn how to create a photo in-camera in Manual.
-Understand exposure.
-Class is limited to 10 people (maybe 5; not sure as of yet).

Photo Walk Dates:  10am

Workshop Dates: 10am

Time for both: 10am
Location for both: 502 W. North Ave. Pgh 15212 (free on-street parking. Ring the Craig Studio buzzer when you get to the door).