Sisterhood : A Documentary

Coffee. Feet up. Maybe a box of tissues, but definitely your most comfy cheerleading outfit, as once you see this you will be cheering…because ladies: this one’s for the women out there. Enjoy.

The Big Red Dress | Beauty Portraiture | Pittsburgh

Can’t get enough of that big red dress. I have had this big red dress for over a year and have never used it, till this session. In fact, I had no intention of using it at this particular session but when J set her eyes on it, I saw kismet . She’s a bit of an outdoorsy kinda gal and a tomboy so I was excited to see her let herself go with this. We chose a location outdoors to really let loose. Also had to throw in 2 black and white portraits just ‘cuz I loved ‘em so much.

I’m smitten. ;-)

Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0003Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0002Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0007Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0004Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0001Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0006Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0005 Hair & makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

$20 Wedding Dress = Glamour, Beauty and Legacy

Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0002Wha?? Did I just say I bought a wedding dress for $20, ripped it apart, dyed the hell out of it (tossed in a nude, vintage bustier with all that dye) and then proceeded to make magic out of it? Why, yes. Yes, I did. Amazing what you can find from an estate sale of a bonafide member of the 1%.

Well…my, my, my…that’s just absolutely fabulous (she says in her most convincing British accent, dahhhhling).

From this…

photo 1

…to this:

photo 2-1

…ahhhhhhh… this….

photo 3

And finally…

Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0003Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0005Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0006Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0004Sssswwwwwwooooooooooooon……..wonder what she’ll think when she looks back on these 20 years from the wedding date for which these photos were inspired??

Makeup, hair and a sprinkling of absolute fabulousness from the ever-so-divine Ms. Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

Sisterhood | Sneak Peek

What happens when you get 9 gutsy women together to celebrate beauty, success and sisterhood? Stay tuned to find out. ;-)

Best Friends Photo Sessions | Elizabeth Craig Intimates Pittsburgh-0001-4

An Update on the Craigs

You’d think having a household with 2 photographers our walls would be filled with gaggles of photographs of all of us. I wish I could say you were right. I do try to get one family photo of all 3 of us once a year so we can see Ella’s growth from year to year and this is the first year we haven’t done that (yet).

John and I were both in desperate need of new head shots and so we took a brief 15 minutes in the studio and came up with what you see below. Look at that sexy guy. Man he’s so stinkin’ cute.

Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0003

And then there’s this cutie pie that takes the breath right out of me every time I look at a photo of her. Her eyes just go straight to your heart. And I don’t know if you were aware but we had a foreign exchange student come stay with us for the school year last year. Annahita is from Denmark and we’re bummed she’s gone back home now but as you can see Ella just fell right in love with her. It was lovely to watch Ella share her space and her life with a “big sister”. Never a dull moment in our home. :)

Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0004 Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0008 Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0007Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0005 Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0006And last there’s me. One part smile, one part goofball…that about sums it all up.

Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0002But this is my favorite for obvious reasons.

Craig Photography Pittsburgh-0001 

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Timeless | Beauty Portraits Photographer | Pittsburgh

That’s how I’d love for my photography to be described. Of course the words amazing, gorgeous and award-winning wouldn’t bother me but I’ll take timeless.  I know that every photograph of a woman taken by me can’t be described that way (they didn’t have thongs in 1812??) but when I can nail that classic, timeless look it really makes my day.

That’s what I was going for in this series with A. You’ve seen a few from 2 other posts and we did a bunch of traditional boudoir along with this series but it is this series I fell in love with. She fell right into character. I would tell her who she was in each set and she just fell right into being that character instantly. That’s rare that I get an immediate response like that. That’s partnering. Without her being able to bring home the connection in her eyes I would have nothing.

Soft, yet powerful. Sensual, yet timeless. What I love most about this series is that A could hang any one of these photos in her home and anyone could see them and not feel uncomfortable about staring at her photograph. Which is the desired effect…at least on my end.

Love those freckles.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photos Beauty Portraits-0002Pittsburgh Boudoir Photos Beauty Portraits-0001Hair & Makeup by the ever-so-talented Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.